Sunday, February 24, 2013

FRIGID New York Interview - D'yan Forest of "My Pussy is Purrin' Again!"

By Byrne Harrison

Name: D'yan Forest

D’yan Forest (actor/writer/producer), 78 years young, has been lighting up audiences for over seven decades.  She started early with piano, then ukulele, moved onto trumpets, drums, and the glockenspiel.  Her music took her on global performances in Paris, Israel and Greece.  After returning to the states, this native Boston girl moved to New York City, and has made a successful career singing in 9 languages in the tri-state area: Waldorf, Plaza, and Park Lane among others.

In addition to national commercials and international print campaigns, her credits include “Gigi,” “Grandma Sylvia’s Funeral,” and Shaw’s, “The Music Cure.”  Her principal role as the mother in “Soldier’s Heart,” has been screened in numerous film festivals throughout the world.  She’s branched into a new career as a ukulele playing comedian appearing at the Gotham, Comix, Carolines Comedy Club, the Duplex, and the Metropolitan Room.

What’s your show about?

The power of love.  And that it's amazed me to see how people will deprive themselves the power of love, especially as they age.  As time passes I’ve become acutely aware of the lies we tell ourselves in order to get the love we long for, even if it is not the love that feeds our soul.  I wanted to share the comedy, candor and complexities of my bi-attractions that are explored with humor and pathos in a show.  And I do it with comedy and song, playing the ukelele, the trumpet and the glockenspiel. 

What inspired you to write it?

I always wanted to share the unusual adventures from my attractions and first sexual stirrings starting in my bunk at Camp Takawalananakiki, that have taken me across the Atlantic to the smoke-filled clubs of gay Paris.  It's almost like educating people that sex is something ongoing and long lasting. 

Who else is involved with the show?

Stephen Jobes is my right-hand as co-writer and director.  There's my assistant director Meghan Kennedy, and production manager Andrew Alton.

Who is your dream audience for this show?

Anybody walking!

Who are your biggest influences?

Joan Rivers and Ethel Merman.  

What other shows are you planning to see at FRIGID?

A Day in the life of Miss Hiccup - she's great.  And My Three Moms. 

What's next for you after FRIGID?

The Orlando Fringe Festival in May.   

Lightning round

Paper or plastic?  Paper

Comedy or drama?  Comedy

Beach or mountains?  Mountains 

Black box or proscenium?  Proscenium 

Glee or Smash?  Smash

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Musical or straight play? Musical

My Pussy is Purrin' Again! plays at UNDER St. Marks on the following dates:

Feb 26, 5:30PM
Mar 01, 8:40PM
Mar 03, 6:50PM

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