Sunday, February 24, 2013

FRIGID New York Interview - Alexa Fitzpatrick of "Serving Bait to Rich People"

By Byrne Harrison
Photo by Robin Proctor Photography

Name:  Alexa Fitzpatrick       

Alexa Fitzpatrick is a writer and stand up comedian who has performed on both coasts at clubs including The Hollywood Improv, The Laugh Factory, Gotham Comedy Club, Stand Up NY and The Comic Strip.  She has spent the past few years working in a very expensive sushi joint in Aspen, Colorado, ski/party town to the rich and famous, and writing jokes.

A graduate of Bowdoin College, Alexa moved to Los Angeles and completed the conservatory program in improvisational comedy at The Second City LA.  She is the writer, director and producer of the short film “BOMBED: a romantic comedy” and she was a writer on the Untitled Kung Fu Project feature (with Joel Castillo, story by Joel Castillo) that is slated to be shot in China in spring 2013 as Legion of One (Christopher Cain, director).

What’s your show about?

Me.  A female bartender in a mountain town where the men outnumber the women two to one, but while the odds are good, the goods are odd.  It’s a commentary about dating, serving and the moral dilemmas of serving very expensive bait (aka sushi) to rich people.

What inspired you to write it?

I was inspired to write it while standing behind the bar.  If you can laugh while customers are being crazy, not at them, but with them, it does wonders for your tips. It also helps your sanity.

Who else is involved with the show?

Pretty much just me, so far…I’m hoping to meet a director at the festival, but it’s stand up so it’s not really director dependent.

Who is your dream audience for this show?

Servers, anyone who has ever been a server, people who eat in restaurants, anyone who has ever been mortified by they way another customer is treating a server.  If you think servers/bartenders are the problem with your meals, this show probably isn't for you. It is also for anyone who has ever been on an awkward date.

Who are your biggest influences?

Christopher Titus’ Norman Rockwell is Bleeding is what made me want to write a stand up show with heart.

What other shows are you planning to see at FRIGID?

Chris Harcum’s Two Lovely Black Eyes, Nikhil Tilwalli’s A Panda Suit, Pythagoras and Plenty of Puns
Lucas Brooks’ VGL5’4”TOPThe Vindlevoss Family Circus Spectacular.  And probably more that I just don’t know about yet.  The coolest part of FRIGID is that we get to support each other’s shows.

What's next for you after FRIGID?

A summer of fringe festivals…Orlando, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and San Francisco.  Hopefully more touring.

Lightning round

Paper or plastic?  Plastic

Comedy or drama?   Comedy

Beach or mountains?  Mountains, with ski runs on them!

Black box or proscenium?  Proscenium

Glee or Smash?  Smash

Cats or dogs?   Cats

Musical or straight play?  Play

Serving Bait to Rich People plays at The Red Room on the following dates:

Feb 25, 9:10PM
Feb 28, 9:10PM
Mar 02, 6:20PM
Mar 03, 3:10PM

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