Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On the Way Down Throwdown

By Byrne Harrison

New York is a foodie paradise. So it makes sense that everyone, even the theatres, would want to get in on that action. After tomorrow night's performance of On the Way Down, Small Pond Entertainment and Ashberry Productions will be hosting a special foodie event.

For one night only - prepare your taste buds for the ultimate theatrical food competition. The On the Way Down THROWDOWN!

Here's how it works. Theater companies and other individuals will prepare an appetizer or dessert that will be sampled by both the audience and special celebrity judges representing both the theater and culinary communities. There will be an Audience Choice Award, declared by the tasters, and a Grand Jury prize, delivered by the special guest judges!

Prizes will be awarded at the end.

The lineup of the On the Way Down THROWDOWN includes:

Ashberry Productions

Rebellious Subjects

Hip Obscurity

Judges confirmed thus far are:

Elizabeth Hodes (Food Network Ice Age Cake Challenge and owner of Elizabeth Hodes Custom Cakes and Sugar Art)

Paul Schultz (Former food editor for the NY Daily News)

Paul Capone (Professional chef running an NYC Catering Service)

And this is just a taste of the final line-up.

"But wait," I hear you say. "How can I get a piece of this?"

Simple. Just buy a ticket to see On the Way Down, the cost of the THROWDOWN is a 1-drink minimum (with beers starting at only $3 a bottle).

"But what if I saw On the Way Down already?"

See it again! Or just bring your program to the THROWDOWN for a free admission (with, of course, a 1-drink minimum).

If you ONLY come to see the THROWDOWN, it's $5 at the door and a 1-drink minimum.

Tickets for On the Way Down can be purchased here.

Show begins at 8PM. The food competition begins at 9:45 pm.

A new play by Michael Rudez
Directed by Daniel Waldron

It’s a summer’s afternoon and all eight million New Yorkers have invaded the Hamptons for the weekend. Why everyone has come remains a mystery, but what is clear is that the situation is becoming too much for three of them to handle. Since graduation from college, Josie, Browning and Stevenson have made the Hamptons their sanctuary. With this now under attack combined with the mounting fear that Josie’s husband and children are later than expected create a turbulent atmosphere in which one of them pushes the envelope too far, and the audience is left asking themselves: “how far is too far to go to save someone’s sanity”?

With Lindsay Wolf, Steven Todd Smith, Rocco Chierichella

Performance Schedule:
Thursday, July 30th at 8PM
Friday, July 31st at 8PM
Sunday, August 2nd at 8PM
Wednesday, August 5th at 8PM
Thursday, August 6th at 8PM - and the ON THE WAY DOWN THROWDOWN @ 9:45 PM
Friday, August 7th at 8PM
Saturday, August 8th at 2PM and 8PM
Sunday, August 9th at 8PM

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