Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fringe Q&A With Ben Knox of For the Love of Christ!

By Byrne Harrison

Name: Ben Knox
Show: For the Love of Christ!

How did you first get involved in theatre?
At age 11, my dad took me to audition for The King & I. I got the part of the crown prince and on my pasty face they smeared brown pancake make-up that failed to disguise me as a Siamese Prince due to my chubby, pasty-white chest being exposed in my princely garb!

Who are your biggest influences?
Trey Parker, Matt Stone and John Waters.

What is For the Love of Christ! about?
It's a bathhouse brouhaha that explores the Advent of AIDS while satirizing mankind's extremes . . . and has a plethora of killer monkeys!

Who are your collaborators and how long have you been working with them?
Brian Nash makes my songs sing! We've been working together for five years.

Karen Weatherwax and Heather Collis aid me in my book-writing by reading my pages week after week, asking questions and always insisting sense be made of my madness!

Fringe shows are notorious for their short rehearsal schedule. How has the rehearsal process been?
Don't ask!!! Luckily I thrive on uncertain outcomes and surprise at every turn! Let's hope, after the inevitable transfer, we have a little more time ;)

What's next for you after Fringe?
Fame and fortune!

And finally, if a genie were to grant you one wish, what would you wish for?
To expedite the aforementioned fame and fortune, especially the fortune part--starving artist is so passé!

For the Love of Christ!
Book/Music/Lyrics by Ben Knox
Additional Lyrics & Arrangements by Brian J. Nash
Additional Book by Heather Collis & Karen Weatherwax
Director: Holly-Anne Ruggiero
Choreographer: Holly Cruz

Cherry Lane Theatre
Sat 15 - 2:15 PM
Wed 19 - 10 PM
Fri 21 - 5 PM
Mon 24 - 3 PM
Fri 28 - 7 PM

Visit FringeNYC for more details.

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