Sunday, March 8, 2015

FRIGID New York Interview - Mike Lemme of "Where I'm From"

By Byrne Harrison

Show: Where I'm From
Photo credit: Michael Toy
Mike Lemme was a quiet kid, because he never knew how to relate to his peers. They would talk about things Mike knew nothing about like sports, movies and video games, but if you wanted to talk about wetting the bed, low self-esteem, and visiting family in mental hospitals, Mike was your guy! Now 25, Lemme is more aware of what’s happening in the world. By mixing his cultural observations with biographical material, Mike proves there are few things comedy can’t make better.

Lemme started performing stand-up as a teenager. Since then he has been featured on PBS, written for Nickelodeon and Second City, warmed up audiences for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and was part of the production staff for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and CONAN.  Mike can be seen performing nightly all around New York City.  

Tell me a little about your show.

It's about trying to accept what I went through as a child, understanding that I can't change the past and that I need to move on so I can tackle life's bigger obstacles like trying to go from an air mattress to a bed.

What inspired you to create it?

Watching other comedians get personal on stage, seeing someone completely open up their soul to strangers while still making them laugh.

Who else is helping you bring the show to FRIGID?

My friends Matt Comer and Samantha Friedwald have helped me out a ton. They aren't officially part of the show, but they have been helping me with social media and not going crazy.

Who would be your dream audience for this show?
Open-minded people, who don't immediately decide they will not laugh because they heard a keyword they don't like.

As a theatre artist, who are your biggest influences?

John Leguizamo, Chris Rock and Larry David.

What shows are you planning to see at FRIGID?

I'd like to see them all, but definitely Post Traumatic Super Delightful, Dandy Darkly, Christmapocalypse, Sam Mullins and more!

What is next for you in 2015?

More stand-up! Going to Detroit for a weekend of shows in April. Hopefully heading back to LA for a little bit.

Lightning round

Favorite theatre professional? Frigid is my first time being part of any type of theater, so I’m going to say all of the friendly and helpful people I have met by participating in the festival.

Current show you would love to be involved with? F
ish in The Dark

Your dream show to be involved with? I’d kill it in Chicago.

Your best theatre experience? When I interned for Conan O’Brien, he did a week of shows at the Beacon Theater. Something about being in that building felt so good. 

Your worst theatre experience? “My Baby’s Daddy.”

Person you’d most like to thank for getting you where you are today? Eminem

For more about "Where I'm From," visit the FRIGID New York website.

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