Friday, March 6, 2015

FRIGID New York Interview - Keenan M. Scott II of "Thoughts of a COLORED MAN on a day when the sun set too early"

By Byrne Harrison

Show:  Thoughts of a COLORED MAN on a day when the sun set too early
Photo credit: Headshot by Lauren E. Banks

Keenan M. Scott II, a native of Queens, New York, completed his theater training at Frostburg State University (2009). Some of his theater credits include Of Mice and Men, ALMOST, Maine, Lysistrata and Othello.

Tell me a little about your show. 

It’s a great production. It explores the lives of eight young men as they navigate through society. They all find themselves in situations battling feelings a lot of us have. The twist is all of the characters are emotions themselves. The name of my characters are love, lust, passion, anger, happiness, despair, depression and wisdom. So they don’t embody ideas…they are the idea.

What inspired you to create it?

When I was a sophomore in college I saw the made for TV special For Colored Girls who considered suicide and was blown away by the words. Being a spoken word artist as well, it inspired me to start writing this piece. After researching the play more and realizing it was written during the feminist movement of the '70s, I wanted to write something for the young black male of the 21st century.

Who else is helping you bring the show to FRIGID?

My production team Noisy Tenants, LLC. It’s a company I help form with my partners Nick Mitchel and Chris Landrum.

Who would be your dream audience for this show?

To be honest, everyone. Depending on who attends will depend on how the play affects them. But I think this piece would be and can be important for inner city youth. I was once an inner city youth, so this is where the spirit of this play comes from. 

As a theatre artist, who are your biggest influences? 

I’m affected by a lot of mediums in art, but currently I love the work of Katori Hall.

What shows are you planning to see at FRIGID?

I want to see them all. We have badges so I want to take advantage of that.

What is next for you in 2015? 

I plan to get into Fringe NY this summer with my one-man show Black Cotton and tour it for the 2015-2016 college school year. As well as bring this production to the DC/Baltimore area this summer as well.

Lightning round

Favorite theatre professional? Katori Hall

Current show you would love to be involved with? Anything that involves great writing.

Your dream show to be involved with? A David Mamet play.

Who would you most like to have a chance to work with? Spike Lee (I would love for him to produce my work)

Your best theatre experience? Producing my play for the first time in 2009 when I was a senior in college.

Your worst theatre experience? The audition I had in college for A Raisin in the Sun. I was horrible (laughs)

Person you’d most like to thank for getting you where you are today? My mother.

For more about Thoughts of a COLORED MAN on a day when the sun set too early, visit the FRIGID New York website.

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