Sunday, June 3, 2012

That's right. I wrote a solo show.

By Jennifer Lane
Photo by Jennifer Lane

It's overcast in San Diego and I was on a plane for nine hours yesterday. I was pretty sure that they'd passed some law about how long they could make you just sit on the tarmac but we were most certainly there for going on three hours before we took off. It was a turbulent ascent, which pissed me off largely because there was interference on the screen of the in-flight entertainment system so I couldn't properly hear or see the rerun of “How I Met Your Mother” that I was trying to enjoy. But the reason I am telling you all this is because I'm exhausted and jet-lagged and it's overcast in California and I am on a deadline.

So, I wrote a solo show. You should come see it. Here are the reasons you should come see it: One - It is exceptionally well-acted. Two - it is beautifully directed. Three - The music is stunning. Four - the video elements are heart-breaking and exquisitely edited. And Five - this is unlike anything I have ever done before. But perhaps most importantly you should come see it to tell me whether or not I did my job right. That is to say, if you start thinking about the nature of God and the Universe, if after the show you get a drink with a friend and start discussing faith versus reason and the implications of their intersections, if you are trying desperately to wrap your brain around the idea that time started with the Big Bang, then good for me, I've done it right.

I was thinking about it again on the flight over here, why I set out to write a piece like this. I was looking out the window at a sky bruised with rainclouds -- rainclouds buzzing with electricity that interfered with my in-flight entertainment -- and I realized that it's a way to reach out. To connect. To get into people's heads the things that are constantly rattling around in mine."

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