Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hey, you! Come see my show.

By Padraic Lillis
Photo by Betsy Waddell

Hi, I'm Padraic Lillis, director of Kelly Kinsella's one woman show “When Thoughts Attack.”  The play is fucking hilarious.  I offered to write this for Kelly because she's writing, producing, acting, and doing everything else. The show is about Anxiety. True anxiety. And Kelly comes by it honestly. And shares it with great humor. More humor than I have. But since this article has to get done by today, I thought it best that I write it. Because if Kelly has to do it there's a chance by the end of writing it she might be doing a different show entirely. Seriously, it takes her six pages to almost order lunch; which is honest, hilarious, and gives me gratitude not to be part of the wait staff.  And Kelly is a genius performer. Oh, and if you are genius perfomer, or always wanted to perform, you should come to the show. If only because if “When Thoughts Attack” gets to be too much for Kelly, well, maybe you'll be needed to finish the show. I hope not. Because the play is hilarious and so is she. So, I hope you'll come see the play.

Find out more about "When Thoughts Attack" and the soloNOVA Festival here:

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