Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This Month's Title Photo

This month's title photo comes from Little Lord’s Jewqueen playing at UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place between 1st Ave and Ave A), March 17-April 2, Thursday through Saturday at 8pm.

The photo is by Cecilia De Bucourt and features Julia Arazi, Laura von Holt, Das Elkin, Michael Levinton, Diana Konopka, Rodney Pallanck, and Sarah Bishop-Stone.

Little Lord’s rough and ready collective of shiksas, queers, and misinformed Jews stage a slap-dash celebration of the biblical Book of Esther. Combining the sincere but awkward rawness of faith-based community happenings with Little Lord’s signature “cheap ’n cheerful” style, JEWQUEEN is a holiday party for the haters.

LITTLE LORD (a theater company) manipulates classic texts, pillages faulty nostalgias, and celebrates the homemade as a means to create vibrantly bawdy, offbeat, intelligent, queer, funny (and often musical) theater. Past works include: a new adaptation of the musical-extravaganza-turned-recession-spectacular, BABES IN TOYLAND, starring David Greenspan as The Master Toymaker (OHIO Theatre's Ice Factory Festival 2009); the NYC premiere of Tennessee Williams’s kinky short play THE PRONOUN 'I' (Bushwick Starr 2010); (oh my god I am so) THIRST(y) - an offshoot of Eugene O'Neill's early melodrama on race and madness (Incubator Arts Project 2010 and The Chocolate Factory/Target Margin Theater 2009); BALABUSTAS (!), a queer yiddishkeit version of Aristophanes' raucous comedies (HERE Arts Center 2007); and THE BARBIE-STEIA: Curse of the House of Malibu, an absurdist take on Aeschylus' classic trilogy “The Oresteia” starring a chorus of Barbie dolls (OHIO Theatre 2007).

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