Monday, March 7, 2011

FRIGID Festival Announces This Year's FRIGID Hangover



Horse Trade Theater Group (Erez Ziv, Managing Director, Heidi Grumelot, Artistic Director) is proud to present the second annual FRIGID Hangovers, March 7-13 at The Kraine Theater & The Red Room (85 East 4th Street between 2nd Ave and Bowery). We’re bringing back the best and the brightest from this years festival, so don’t miss your second chance to catch standout performances of Fate, Fury and Musical Theatre: A Kind of Cabaret, Goodnight Lovin’ Trail, Mendacity, Paradise Lost, Saving Tania's Privates, The Oregon Trail: Quest for the West!, We Might Be Experimenting On You, and Wonder Woman: A How-to Guide for Little Jewish Girls.

FRIGID Hangovers will run March 7-13 at The Kraine & The Red Room (85 East 4th Street between 2nd Ave and Bowery). Tickets ($18/$15 students & seniors) may be purchased online at or by calling Smarttix at 212-868-4444.

We Might Be Experimenting On You
Mon March 7 @ 7pm & Tue March 8 @ 7pm
The Red Room (85 East 4th Street)
Dr’s. Bernazky and Jones (PhD, BFA, WTF) are seeking participants in a theatrical research study. Lab rats will be asked to perform various convention-blasting, audience-related tasks. Hijinks and non-slip shoes are required.

"I was bonding with an audience of strangers, I was riding each new “experiment” pleased to be in the laboratory ushered along by the affable Bernazky and Jones...." Robert Attenweiler,

"...I was so engaged throughout, and so happy afterwards that I would recommend this show to anyone who’s got a little spirit of adventure...." Karen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium

Paradise Lost by John Milton
Mon March 7 @ 8pm
The Kraine (85 East 4th Street)
This extraordinary production is a visual and technical treat replete with stunning CGI, spellbinding puppetry and first-rate storytelling.

"...Van Dyck turns an arduous English literature class reading into sexy, sinful fun..."
Adrienne Urbanski, Theatre is Easy

"The play is filled with thrilling moments; Van Dyck's imagination and inventiveness constantly surprise and enthrall us as he finds simple but unexpected ways to convey this story." Martin Denton,

Saving Tania’s Privates
Tue March 8 @ 8pm
The Kraine (85 East 4th Street)
Funny, outrageous and true! This critically acclaimed comedy hit from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival will have you laughing till you weep. A show about far-out families, quirky girlfriends and boobs...but not necessarily in that order.

"As a performer, Katan has the audience squarely in the palm of her hand for the entire show...."
"She's magnetic, providing a how-to on solo performance." Danny Bowes,

"If you only have a chance to see one show at the FRIGID this year, make Saving Tania’s Privates the one – you wont regret it." Antonio MiniƱo, The Happiest Medium

Wonder Woman: A How To Guide for Little Jewish Girls
Thu March 10 @ 7pm
The Kraine (85 East 4th Street)
Two-time FringeNYC award-winning writer/performer Cyndi Freeman's latest solo show traces her journey from little suburban Jewish girl obsessed with Wonder Woman to becoming the fabulous burlesque Queen, Cherry Pitz, in NYC. Join her on a crusade to right wrongs while wearing fabulous costumes.

"Freeman’s performance is inspiring, uplifting, and ends with a little burlesque." Ed Malin,

Fate, Fury and Musical Theatre: A Kind of Cabaret
Thu March 10 @ 8:30pm
The Kraine (85 East 4th Street)
In a panic, a young actress drives from her house in the suburbs of New York until she can't drive anymore. On the beach at the very tip of Long Island, the Three Fates of ancient mythology, androgynous and fabulous, wash onto the shore like Venus on the foam and lead the girl on a journey of self-discovery and showtunes.

"Walk into Fate, Fury and Musical Theatre: A Kind of Cabaret expecting to be drunk on talent and damn – you’ll get your elixir and more. Much more. Written and performed by front-woman Liz Wasser, Fate, Fury is Fabulous, Fun and Fantastic." Karen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium

"It is rare to find a cast as uniformly strong as this one… There is a cleanness and clarity of intention that keeps the show moving and visually interesting." Ryan Emmons,

Fri March 11 @ 8:30pm
The Kraine (85 East 4th Street)
Through the integration of dynamic multi-media installations, Mendacity, a solo word-collage, takes you deep inside the mind of a splintering personality wrought with self-loathing and denial over sexual assault. Join us in a rebellious journey of fragmented transcendence and the offering of hope.

"...the language feels like strong slam poetry, connecting on a rhythmic level as much as in its content, and really takes you inside a mind frightened by its own excesses and perseverations." Lauren Noveck,

The Oregon Trail: Quest for the West!
Sat March 12 @ 8:30pm
The Kraine (85 East 4th Street)
Inspired by the iconic game, The Oregon Trail: Quest for the West! is an interactive comedy with music. Join our five brave pioneers on a grueling journey as they fight snakebites, dysentery and meager rations. Will YOU ford the river?

"...though experience with the game may help you enjoy the many inside jokes regarding the original game mechanics, this play succeeds in ways the game couldn’t...." Stephen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium

"Even if you’re not familiar with The Oregon Trail game you will laugh and have a good time at everything that befalls the quintet." J. Jordon,

Goodnight Lovin’ Trail
Sun March 13 @ 7pm
The Kraine (85 East 4th Street)
Goodnight Lovin’ Trail is a subtle and touching drama that takes place at a truck stop diner in West Texas, where two desperate and lonely strangers find redemption in each other's eyes while discussing a stolen guitar. The play explores raw human emotions and consequences while these two desperate characters navigate and come to terms with the choices they've made on the road of life.

"A perfect gem found along a dusty trail; Goodnight Lovin’ Trail will leave you remembering the things you’ve lost along that road that stretches out behind you." Karen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium

"[John Patrick Bray's] characters teeter fluently between casual dialog and lyrical whimsy and feel both earnest and engaging." Terra Vetter, Theatre is Easy

The FRIGID New York Festival was founded by Horse Trade and EXIT Theatre in 2007. Since founding The San Francisco Fringe Festival - the 2nd oldest fringe in the United States - nearly 17 years ago, EXIT has learned a thing or two about festival running. They introduced Horse Trade to the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF) in mid-2006. Besides feedback from dozens of thrilled CAFF participants and artists, Horse Trade was drawn to its main principle: “…to provide all artists, emerging and established, with the opportunity to produce their play no matter the content, form or style and to make the event as affordable and accessible as possible for the members of the community,” Horse Trade is proud to sign on to the tradition and chill out the New York independent theatre scene’s ideas of what a theatre festival can be.

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