Sunday, June 13, 2010

Too Soon Festival Interview - Eric Bland of Jeannine's Abortion

By Byrne Harrison

Name: Eric Bland
Play: Jeannine’s Abortion: A Play in One Trimester
Relationship to production: Playwright
Website: Old Kent Road Theater; for the Director Hope Cartelli’s company, Piper McKenzie.

How long have you been involved in theatre?

12 years maybe. Though I’ve “known” about it for longer.

What play had the biggest influence on your life?

Um...reading, probably Woyzeck by Georg Buchner. Seeing, probably the
Polish company TR Warszawa’s Krum at BAM in 2007. Both expanded the
possibilities of performance for me. Tossing in a movie, because it
all punches together — Pedro Almodovar’s "All About My Mother."

What is your show about?

People like us, today, in New York City. One of whom has an abortion.

What led you to write it?

The title was inspired by the festival. And I’m very interested in
this topic — abortion has become an easy target lately. It’s still
rarely spoken of in sensible or sensitive terms.

What inspired you to apply for the Too Soon Festival?

The Brick is heaven. I’ve worked there a lot. I love them. And then
the title and the idea of the festival and the play just clicked.

What’s next for you after Too Soon?

I want to mount a big contemporary theatrical ecstasy called
Emancipatory Politics in the near future.

And finally, if you could slow the world down and get two more hours
out of every day, what would you do with them?

Ask a girl out and be nervous. Though I’d probably spend it sleeping
or on Hulu or trying to understand what Alain Badiou is talking about
when he says “the one does not exist” in his philosophical ruckus
"Being and Event" that I’m desperately trying to fathom my way through.
Or perhaps I’d watch "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" again while chomping a
baguette. Or maybe I’d call my mother who is a masterpiece.

Jeanine's Abortion: A Play in One Trimester
Written by Eric Bland
Directed by Hope Cartelli
70 minutes

Thu 6/24, 8:45pm
Fri 6/25, 7pm
Sat 6/26, 2:30pm
Sun 6/27, 6:30pm

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