Sunday, July 7, 2013

Midtown International Theatre Festival Launch Party Tonight

The Midtown International Theatre Festival (MITF) presents their Fourteenth Anniversary Season LAUNCH PARTY on Sunday, July 7, 2013 at 8pm at Gonzalez y Gonzalez, 192 Mercer Street, NYC (between Houston and Bleecker).  Doors open at 8pm and the performance begins at 9pm. The event is FREE.

MITF's LAUNCH PARTY will feature scenes and songs of upcoming shows in the MITF.  There will be food and a full bar, with drinks for sale.  The evening will include excerpts from the following shows:

The Actual Dance, by Samuel A. Simon
One man's journey with the woman he loves.

Bending All The Rules, by James Salem and Joseph Salem (composer, lyricist, book)
Hetero, Homo, or in-between ­- we all play "the game," and sometimes, we all have to bend the rules.

Black Ice, by Lezlie Revelle
Friendships hit the ice when a coming-out sends Harmony skidding out of control.

Brattleboro, by Lindsay B. Davis
Lori, a Thirty-Something would-be writer with a unique case of arrested development, faces the nature of her relationship with James, a Blackberry-obsessed banker she has resolved many times to leave.

Color of Life, by Sachiko Ishimaru (lyricist, book), composed by Yasuhiro Ito
A Japanese painter meets a colorful actress on a plane ride to NY and moves into her apartment...Will 90 days be enough?

Crazytown: My First Psychopath, by Jude Treder-Wolff (composer, lyricist, book)
Working in psychiatry can be kind of wack.

The Dark I Know, by Alex Eisen and John Watts (composer, lyricist, book)
The story of two families, one Jewish, during the rise of Nazism in Germany during the early 1930s.

Enter Singing - The Musical, by Linda Evans (composer, lyricist, book)
Four finalists compete for Best Playwright in the USA and Probably the World. Jealousy, love, an explosion, labor pains - and winning!

Envoy, by Belinda Bremner
Twelve student hostages struggle to make one big decision as they fight to keep hope alive moments from death.

The HAT Chronicles, by Jonathan Johnson
Conversations with people in hats.  What's your story?

Help Yourself, written and by Lauren Hunter
Discover lengths one woman will go to try and cross the divide between who she thinks she is and who she thinks she was born to be.

The Linguists, by EJ Sepp
Mispronunciation will not be tolerated.

Love Stinks, by Kate Plumb Rader
When love can drive you mad, literally: The sanest of couples can be driven to completely irrational behavior when it comes to love.

Motel Rasdell: A New Musical, by Danielle DeMatteo and Christina Bracco
The other side of the white picket fence.

The Past Is Still Ahead, by Sophia Romma
One of Russia's most ill-fated and controversial cult poets of the twentieth century, Marina Tsvetaeva, revisits the tumultuously tragic and sexy events of her life - just before succumbing to "suicide" at the hands of the Soviet Secret Police, in 1941, while exiled in Siberia.

Sleep at Your Own Risk, by Matthew Ethan Davis
Guy struggles with the phenomenon of sleepwalking while trying to hold on to the love of his life - and not walk out of his apartment naked.

Stetson'd, by Mark Stetson and Devin Delliquanti
In Mark's search for meaning in his life, his battle with the universe has been one of attrition. This is a story of survival.

Suckerfish, by W.T. Underwood
On a city street corner, between madness and sanity, all that stands in the way of Hank and freedom is a certifiable homeless man and a pay phone that can't hear out.

The Tellin' Man, by Rudy Gray
A black slave reveals to his plantation master that a slave revolt is imminent. Why does he do it, and what does he do about it?

Yesterday Iran / Today Iraq, written by L. S. Goldberg
On the eve of his first deployment to Iraq, Pvt. Steven "Stippy" Goodman discovers a mysterious box of World War II letters from his grandfather, Lt. Chester A. "Grumpa" Goodman.

John Chatterton, executive producer for the Festival, said "This is the finest lineup for the MITF in 14 years, and the entertainment selections for the preview event show it. I'm truly proud of this year's Festival!"

The 2013 Festival will take place at the June Havoc Theatre, 312 W. 36th Street, 1st floor; the Dorothy Strelsin Theatre, 312 W. 36th Street, 1st floor; the Main Stage Theater, 312 W. 36th Street, 4th floor; and the Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street, 4th floor.  Tickets are $15 for short plays and $18 for longer plays. Tickets are available at or by phone at (866) 811-4111. The Festival also offers various group discounts and package passes, good for full-length and short plays.

Further information about the MITF can be found on the Festival Web site, at

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