Sunday, February 24, 2013

FRIGID New York Interview - Kerry Fitzgibbons of "36 Hours"

By Byrne Harrison

Name: Kerry Fitzgibbons
Show: 36 Hours

Kerry Fitzgibbons is thrilled to be onstage with Michael Birch again in 36 Hours. Both a producer and actor with aWe Creative Group, Kerry has appeared in numerous plays around NYC. She would like to thank friends and family for their support through the years and apologize for the fact that she hates writing bios.

What’s your show about?

36 Hours is a 55 minute show about a man and woman who reunite at Heathrow airport. They had a brief affair 4 years earlier and have a connection deeper than they initially realized. It’s a really beautiful rollercoaster of a show.

How did you become part of it?

I’m one of two actors in it. The playwright, Amy E. Witting, and I have collaborated for years. She’s brilliant and creates roles that actors dream about. The part of Annie was very daunting. I had done several readings and wasn’t quite sure I got her. She is a very explosive person. But I like a challenge and I have loved investigating her darkness. Now I’m afraid I won’t be able to get her out of me!
This play also allowed me to work with Bricken Sparacino (director) and Michael Birch (actor) for the first time. I have always admired their talent and have worked along side them, but never with them. It was a perfect combination.

Who else is involved with the show?

I guess I just mentioned that above, but I will also give a shout out to our fantastic stage manager, Bethany Briggs and our fellow producers, Billy Weimer and Tiffany May McRae. I’m so lucky to work with people that are not only talented, but supportive and trustworthy.

Who is your dream audience for this show?

My dream audience is just an audience that is willing to listen. The story speaks for itself. It’s about two people truly seeing each other, it is vulnerable, raw and real. The audience just needs to be open to it.

Who are your biggest influences?

Always a hard question and my opinion is forever changing. For some reason Vivian Leigh came to mind upon reading this. I have always loved her and perhaps she is someone I could picture playing my character. Strange I never saw that before, but it seems pretty accurate. I hope I don’t find myself thinking what would Scarlett O’Hara do…

What other shows are you planning to see at FRIGID?

The Sisters Grimm, Two Black Eyes and perhaps the best titled project in the festival My Pussy is Purrin' Again (the playwright/performer told me it’s very educational).

What's next for you after FRIGID?

The blues? I always get the blues when a show ends…

Lightning round

Paper or plastic? Paper

Comedy or drama? Drama

Beach or mountains? Beach

Black box or proscenium? Any way I can get it

Glee or Smash? Glee

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Musical or straight play? Straight play

36 Hours plays at UNDER St. Marks on the following dates:

Feb 25, 7:05PM
Feb 28, 10:15PM
Mar 03, 3:40PM

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