Saturday, October 29, 2011

Neos and Zombies and Swayze, Oh My!

The New York Neo-Futurists have offered up a Halloween deal.  Show up at tomorrow night's show (10:30 PM at the Kraine Theatre, 85 East 4th Street) in costume and save a little money.

Arrive in costume,
get a discount!

We'll knock $2 off your ticket
to TMLMTBGB this Halloween weekend,
if you show up in costume.

Here are some potential costume ideas: 
* Zombie celebrity
* Zombie Nyan Cat
* Double-reverse fake zombie
* Slutty human caterpillar
* Pat Sajak
* COBOL programming language

Here's a video of true-life and fictional ghost Patrick Swayze in a fabulous PBR ad from 1979.  Come as him! 

We'll give you THREE dollars off if you do this dance.

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