Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Planet Connections Interview - Joan Kane of "The God Particle"

By Byrne Harrison

Name: Joan Kane
Play: The God Particle
Relationship to production: Director
Website: EgoActus.com

How did you first get involved in theatre?

I went to the High School of Performing Arts

Who are your biggest influences?

Robert Wilson, Bertolt Brecht, Joan Littlewood and Ariane Mnouchkine

What is your show about?

Sexual attraction, physics, industrial espionage and love

What inspired you to become involved with it?

I love the question of whether science is done for its own sake or should just be a practical tool to help humanity.

Why was it important to you to be part of an eco-friendly theatre festival?

I want to help people see how they fit into the world as a large interactive organism, not just into their own slices of lives.

Planet Connections donates a portion of the box office for each show to a charity. What charity has your production chosen and why?

Our charity is Science: Its a Girl Thing. I wish there had been a group like that when I was a girl. My family spent its resources on its boys. At one point in my life I was a self-taught elementary school science teacher. I later taught graduate classes in teaching science.

What's next for you after Planet Connections?

I am constantly reading scripts and going to plays, looking for my company's next production.

And finally, if your play was food, what kind of food would it be?

This play is like the sweet dessert profiterole. You enjoy it at the time and later, when you can't taste it anymore you remember how much you enjoyed it.

The God Particle
Wednesday, June 8th at 8:30PM
Saturday, June 11th at 4:00PM
Wednesday, June 15th at 6:30PM
Sunday, June 19th at 3:30PM
Tuesday, June 21st at 8:00PM
Friday, June 24th at 6:30PM

The Robert Moss Theatre
440 Lafayette Street

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