Monday, April 25, 2011

Help Fund A Multimedia Work

By Byrne Harrison

Playwright Duncan Pflaster is using Kickstarter to fund his latest work, Sweeter Dreams, which will be part of this year's Planet Connections Theatre Festivity - New York City's premiere eco-friendly theatre festival.

I talked to Duncan about his latest project.

Is this your first time using Kickstarter to raise money for a show?

Yes, a few of my friends have used Kickstarter in the past, and they'd had good experiences with it, but this is my first time using it.

How is it going so far?

It's been going well, I think. We seemed to get a slow start, but now with only a few days left, people have really begun to chip in and right now we're less than $450 from our goal of $4,000.

Tell me a little bit about Sweeter Dreams.

It's a story about love and art; it's about an independent filmmaker who is torn between the two men she loves: her husband and the handsome actor who inspires her and appears in her movies. And meanwhile a television critic seems to have a grudge against her films. There are four people onstage and a large cast onscreen in multimedia filmed segments.

Is this your first time incorporating film?

Yes, it is. I wrote the first draft of this play almost 10 years ago, and the script has been languishing in a virtual drawer since I didn't have the know-how. But last year I worked as a technician on Before Icarus Fell, a multimedia puppetry piece by my friend Tony Chiroldes, and realized that with modern technology it's relatively easy to do, though still more complicated than the sort of play I'm used to.

Who is your team for the show?

My friend Christopher Cariker of Hanging Hammer Productions will be doing the filming. I've worked with him as an actor in a several of my shows, and he used me as an actor in his "Ass Masters" parody video. I've written the scripts for the film clips and fake movie trailers, and he'll be in charge of the HD filming and editing.

Kickstarter allows you to reward your investors. What sort of incentives are you offering?

For $25 or more I will write a poem on the subject and in the style of your choice.
For $150 or more you get two tickets to the show.
For $200 or more you get two tickets to the show and an invite to an exclusive after-party with the cast.
For $400 or more you can get a non-speaking cameo in one of the multimedia portions of the show.

When do you find out if your project has funded?

Well, Kickstarter keeps a running tally of how much money has been pledged - I believe we'll know right away as soon as someone pushes us over the limit. But we'll know after our deadline (Friday Apr 29th, 6:09am), if it hasn't been funded. So we have about 3 days left, and (at this moment) only $430 to go to reach our goal.

To find out more about Duncan's show or to become a sponsor, visit the Sweeter Dreams Kickstarter page.

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