Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mini-Review - A Home Across the Ocean (Maieutic Theatre Works)

By Byrne Harrison

Cody Daigle's latest play, A Home Across the Ocean, is given a stellar production by Maieutic Theatre Works. This play about two gay men, Connor (David Stallings) and Daniel (Mark Emerson), who decide to foster a child, Penny (Lavita Shaurice Burr), who silently pines for her lost family, and Connor's mother Grethe (Alex Bond), a recent widow who struggles to build a new life with an old love (Dathan B. Williams), is touching and exceptionally well written.

The cast is outstanding, with particular praise to Alex Bond as Grethe, Lavita Shaurice Burr as Penny, whose silence seems to carry the weight of the world, and David Stallings as Connor, who quickly finds himself drowning under the weight of a radically changing life.

Maieutic Theatre Works continues its string of excellent productions with A Home Across the Ocean, and continues its productive collaboration with Daigle, whose work Providence Maieutic produced in 2008.

The Studio at Theatre Row
410 W. 42nd St.

Sept. 16-Oct. 2

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