Monday, August 23, 2010

Review - Questions My Mother Can't Answer (New York International Fringe Festival)

By Rebecca N. Robertson
Photo by David Flores

All soul-searching stories seem to begin with a wake-up call, and Andrea's number is dialed by a New York City taxi cab that slams into her body on an uptown street. A year and a half later, she survives to tell a story that she says is "part documentary theatre, part autobiographical, and part fictional." Seeking answers to her self-questioning, she interviews eight women who are all about her mother's age regarding marriage, motherhood and life choices. What she culls from these interviews is a cohesive presentation of unique philosophical value, a humorous narrative that can inspire tears and that possesses a kind of healing mojo.

Questions My Mother Can't Answer is a moving story and Andrea Caban's warm, humble presentation style and her tremendous skill with characterization make seeing this solo-performance feel like an intimate conversation. Without the use of props, costumes or lighting changes, Ms. Caban presents nine characters and herself, each with their own cadence, tone and physicalization and each imbued with an infectious spirit. This is an impressive presentation by a young actress and writer that we will undoubtedly see more of in the future.

Questions My Mother Can't Answer
Written & Performed by Andrea Caban
Directed by Rachel Eckerling
Sound Design Marcelo Añez
Lighting Design: Jason Byron Teague
Stage Manager: Danielle Buccino

Venue # 4: 4th Street Theatre

Sun 15 @ 10:15
Sun 22 @ 1:45
Tue 24 @ 2
Thu 26 @ 6:45
Fri 27 @ 9:15

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