Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Review - Monetizing Emma (Thackery Walsh LLC and New York International Fringe Festival)

By Byrne Harrison
Photo by Shauna Horn

Emma (Nitya Vidyasagar) is a brilliant, though introverted high school student, enraptured by Jane Austen and tormented by her classmates. Invited to participate in a new type of financial bond, a "genius trust" that trades in students' future earnings, she finds herself thrust into the spotlight. Will this bookworm be able to adapt to the big time? Or will she find out that everything around her is just smoke and mirrors?

Monetizing Emma is a satisfying, well-paced show, full of humor and teenage angst. Nitya Vidyasagar is excellent as the awkward Emma, as is James Arden as Tony, the charming banker who makes her the face of the genius trust. Director Leah Bonvissuto does an outstanding job with the pacing and in finding the humor in every scene.

Having already produced Monetizing Emma at last year's Planet Connections Festival (see review here), it's no surprise that this is a strong, polished production. With good technical work, solid acting, and well-written story, Monetizing Emma is an excellent choice for a night out at Fringe.

Monetizing Emma
Written by Felipe Ossa
Directed by Leah Bonvissuto
Assistant Director: Shauna Horn
Scenic Designer: jasmine Vogue Pai
Lighting Designer: Lauren Parrish
Costume Designer: Mira Veikley
Production Stage Manager: Carly Levin
Associate Producer: Sergei Burbank

Featuring: James Arden (Tony), Dawn Jamieson (Caroline), Janice Mann (Colleen), Daniella Rabbani (Vanessa), Tovah Rose (Annie), Nitya Vidyasagar (Emma)

VENUE #17: HERE Arts Center- Mainstage Theater

Sat 14 @ 9:45
Tue 17 @ 3:45
Thu 19 @ 8
Sun 22 @ 2:30
Wed 25 @ 9:45

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