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FRIGID New York Interview - David Mogolov of "Eating My Garbage"

By Byrne Harrison

Show: Eating My Garbage
Photo credit: Kelly Davidson Studios

David Mog0lov is a Boston-based monologist. His comedies are fast-paced, unpredictable dives into the moment, a blend of the personal and political, the universal and mundane. Since 2002, he has written and performed 5 solo shows including Dumber Faster (FringeNYC 2012), There Is No Good News (FRIGID 2011), and One Night at T.F. Green (Single File Festival, 2003). His plays are published by Indie Theater Now. 

Tell me a little about your show.

Eating My Garbage is a comedy about belief. Not religious belief, but about everyday beliefs like, "Subway is a healthy lunch" and "I am a Democrat." Prompted by a simple question from a political pollster, I launch myself into a quagmire over whether it's possible to know what you actually believe, and whether those beliefs have any rational basis. It's funny, I promise.

What inspired you to create it?

This sounds stupid, but I've been wanting to write a show about the Subway sandwich chain for a long time. It just never quite seemed relevant. But then, last year, I was working on a show called Carry the Two and had drafted a somewhat lengthy section about Jared the Subway guy, and I mentioned it in passing to my younger brother. He told me something that pretty much obliterated the whole Carry the Two concept and gave birth to Eating My Garbage.

Who else is helping you bring the show to FRIGID?

There should be a title other than Director for Steve Kleinedler. I've been working with him since 2001, and while he's excellent as a director, the fact is he's a full-on concept-to-execution collaborator. We have overlapping but not identical interests and strengths. Different excesses. He's extraordinarily good at making me reach a little further and say what I want to say, not just what seems OK to say. He has a gift for spotting big-picture opportunities that I sometimes miss in my focus on the details, but he's also, as a talented improvisor, sometimes responsible for providing the perfect verbal button where I'm spinning my wheels. These shows wouldn't happen without him, I don't think.

Who would be your dream audience for this show?

This sounds corny, but it's true. I love every audience as long as they want to be there. If I could perform in a random location every week where an audience was expecting an hourlong monologue, I'd be happy. I could play apartments for a year.

As a theatre artist, who are your biggest influences?

I'm fifty percent inspired by stand up comedy and fifty percent by theatrical monologue. I adore Spalding Gray. I think Mike Daisey is one of the most engaging performers in theater. On the comedy side, I wish everybody would make time to take in every bit of the British comic Stewart Lee. His shows are perfectly assembled and constantly surprising. He talks himself down, but what he's doing is art. If it's not, there's no such thing.

What other shows are you planning to see at FRIGID?

Charlotte the DestroyerOscar Tango Bravo, and The Eyes of Orbach, for sure.

What else does 2014 hold for you?

I'm co-writing a musical about a notorious killer, finishing a book about children, and hopefully launching a podcast. Otherwise, my goal is to book Eating My Garbage anywhere an audience will come see it.

Lightning round

Favorite playwright? Yasmina Reza

Show you would love to be involved with? A musical about ambulance chasers

Favorite venue? I love Boston's Oberon

Favorite actor? Philip Seymour Hoffman 

Best theatre experience? A London production of Art in the late 90s. 

Worst theatre experience? I'd prefer not to relive it.

Person you’d most like to thank? My first grade teacher, Ms. Mays, for pushing me to share my writing. I was a little awkward, standing in front of the class with a Big Chief pad, reading my first story, but I've always been proud of that one. I'm so glad she saw something and pushed.

For more about Eating My Garbage, visit the FRIGID New York website.

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