Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Review - Closet Cases (William Mullin)

By Byrne Harrison

Producer William Mullin has brought Shawn Hollenbach's Closet Cases to Provincetown for a limited run at The Vixen's Madeira Room in August and over Labor Day weekend. Closet Cases features a top-notch line up of gay and lesbian performers telling their own coming out stories.

Admittedly, this is a hard show to review since it has a rotating cast; no show will be exactly like the previous ones. The performance I saw featured Michael Brill, Chantal Carrere, John Flynn, and Kate McKinnon. The stories, as expected, were very funny, but did have some touching moments. And some creepy ones. And one that made me kind of want to throw up.

Hosted by Mullin, the show is fast paced and hilarious. One of the most interesting aspects of the show, especially for you wanna-be reality stars, is that Mullin brings up an audience member (don't worry if you're one of those shy types, you have to volunteer; he doesn't just snatch you from your seat) to tell their own coming out story. Don't have one? Then you can talk about a friend's or loved one's. Mullin does this in an Oprah-like interview, which is a very good format for keeping the guest on track. Mullin makes a genial and effective host.

The cast over Labor Day weekend(assuming the hurricane doesn't screw things up) will be:

Friday, September 3rd
Frank DeCaro
Robin Cloud
lizz furtado
Mike Albo

Saturday, Sept 4th
Frank DeCaro
Robin Cloud
lizz furtado
Steven Polito (Hedda Lettuce)

Sunday, Sept 5th
Frank DeCaro
Steven Polito (Hedda Lettuce)
Mimi Gonzalez
Neil Thornton

Want to find out more about the guest stars? Visit the Closet Cases site.

Closet Cases runs about an hour, so it's the perfect length for someone seeking a laughter-filled diversion before a night out. There was a large crowd the night I saw the show, so I would buy tickets early. Tickets are available at the door or by calling 508.487.6424.

Closet Cases
Produced by William Mullin

The Vixen Night Club
336 Commercial Street

Through Sept. 5th

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