Monday, July 28, 2008

Announcement - Anita's Underground Game Show (Horse Trade Theater Group and Anita Cookie)



August 14, 10:30pm $10
Under St. Marks, 94 St. Marks Place, New York, NY

Burlesque star, Anita Cookie loves to drink almost as much as she loves to play games! COME ON DOWN to Anita's Underground Game Show, where anyone can be a winner… even YOU!

Anita's Underground Game Show . . . It's The Price Is Right with boobs and booze, an interactive game show where contestants, each randomly selected from the audience, play pricing games to win baked goods, free booze, and so much more! But it's not just fun and games! Hosted, in pasties, by Anita Cookie, Anita's Underground Game Show is packed with live music, jokes, hidden talents, and BOOBS!

Every month, the dazzlingly drunk is joined by that ever so tightly-wound announcer guy, Scott Rayow, as well as her rockin' live band, "The Kindergarteners". This month Cookie will also be joined by one of her favorite Drinking Buddies, the incomparable Nasty Canasta! She’s sexy! She’s sassy! She’s crafty! And I totally mean that in the Martha Stewart sense.

From the theme song to the cookies and right on down to the cleavage, Anita's Underground Game Show is a guaranteed good time! Chock full of fun, drinking, and games, games, games!

Anita Cookie is dedicated to bringing quality burlesque to the masses, and she hopes to do this by always finding new and exciting ways to showcase jokes as well as jiggling bosoms. In addition to Anita's Underground, she co-produces a LIVE late night talk show in Williamsburg called The Night Cap, and she is the drunk in The Drunk 'n' Dirty Duo who can be seen monthly at the Palace of Wonders in Washington, DC. When Anita's not shaking her hips, she's in the kitchen whippin' up her special goodies! She makes cookies, sauces, decorative items and much, much more!

Burlesque baby Nasty Canasta wasn't born nasty; she's just drawn that way. The product of a brief tryst following a late-night card game between Sid Vicious and Carol Burnett, Nasty is old-school glamour at its most surreal. Her burlesque performances celebrate the vagaries of pop culture and the wicked sense of humor that makes it all bearable. Nasty can be found bumping & grinding, turning (magic) tricks, and fending off the advances of lascivious puppets at various unsavory locations throughout Brooklyn and NYC.

“What’s the one thing that could make The Price is Right sooo much better? Anita Cookie, the singing, dancing, sexed-up game show host who wants nothing more than to give you free stuff!" – New York Press

"Anita Cookie will intoxicate you (literally) with her stage presence. And, uh, donuts" - MetroMix